The Marcus E. & Sharon B. Gunter Foundation, Inc.  

  The MSGFoundation
                 A 501c 3 Organization

About Us

Dear Friends,
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and give you a brief synopsis of who we are and what we would like to accomplish in the Forsyth community. In 1999, Marcus Gunter, with the assistance of his wife, Sharon, founded and incorporated The Forsyth Disability Coalition, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization.

It's goal was to empower people with disabilities by encouraging them to assist people in like or similar position. Through our programs of sharing, the motto " People Helping People" took on an extraordinary and empowering meaning. After ten years of service to the North Georgia community, we found our services were no longer needed and our membership was literally dieing off. The remaining body voted to close the organization.

In July, 2011, we became acutely aware of a more critical need that is at epidemic proportions:  the newly jobless, newly homeless and hungry population along with the working poor who needed our assistance. At the very last moment, we were able to avert the legal procedures from closing to restructure and expand our vision to reach a broader populous.

In this great country of plenty, it is unconscionable for one to go to bed hungry and cold. Our big picture is to collaborate with other "food service" non profits coordinating services such that eventually food will be served somewhere everyday of the week.

The MSG Foundation continues some programs previously administered by the Forsyth Disability Coalition, Inc.  Volunteers to assist Senior and Disabled Citizens: yard work, spring cleaning, and holiday decorating and clean up. We have a small scholarship program for students of Forsyth County to continue their education after high school.

Lofty goals, but with our generous community not only is it possible, it is happening every month and we are expanding. When a need in the community is exposed, we come together as one with aid.  So having shared our hopes, our dreams, our quest and or purpose with you, we would hope that you would find it in your heart to join us with your assistance.  It is through your donation of time, material, capital support and prayers, all of which are greatly needed and even more, above all appreciated.

Thank you for your time,interest, donation and your prayers,
God Bless You,

Marcus and Sharon Gunter

What if you were hungry?

Meet Our Board of Directors:

Maria Colley
David Harris
Wayne Hartshorn 
Nancy Hutcheon
Ryan Knepshield
Sheri B.Peacock
Prasad Rao
Terry Rousey
Reva Tolliver
Gregg Webber

Past Board Members:

Betsy Burgis
Maryam Frazier 
Roston Maxie  
Sheri Sands
Belinda Marcus, MD 
Veronica LaShure
Sree Tirumala 
Mark Collins
Stephen R. Cipich 
Anita Tucker 
John McGowan
Anna Purcell-Doll 

A small contribution of $5.00 will provide a 30 lb. box of groceries.

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